Donnerstag, 16. November 2017

At the sink unit

I open the jam glass  of "Blackberries 2017". I close it. A strong sad feeling shoots in. I also will die, and so the memories of me.
But you also will. Whether you go first or me: I will be without you.
The present of being here with you near me. Losing all this probably is the condition for having got it.
So-called value substances are disposed of at the recycling-yard. I hear Johnny Cash: Take this empire of dirt "! It was not dirt, it was beautiful by our efforts ".
The jam is empty. I still have the taste.
What does "Disposal" mean? For me it stays "Let-down".  Let us taste the taste.
12.11.2017 Klaus Wachowski

Dienstag, 24. Oktober 2017

Autumn rain

Autumn rain

I feel hurt.
Wrongfullly; I know
It hurts.

Spitting! Spitting down
a rain of  emptiness.
And the day still shoves
into the room gigantic boxes.
And actively, full actively
life gesticulating with importance.

Loudly is raining in,
full of longing
the silence.

Oh rain, rain,
empty my heart.

23.10.02017 Klaus Wachowski

You also

You also

You also are unicorn.
Yes, nobody shares Your smile.
All Your feelings torn, 
From something to anything nothing
Worth or word.

Between You and I
The curtain
How to touch?

Of pain they talk.
The strike of love
And loneliness, the track
You walk.

3.10.17 Klaus Wachowski

Everybody is unicorn
Every body and soul

Freitag, 1. September 2017

What home is

What is home?
I do not know you.

Strange people, strange people.

There was even a light like this!

It is strange
and comfortable strange.

19.8.17 Klaus Wachowski

Sonntag, 27. August 2017


My eyes are lifted up to the sky,
blue, dotted with fine white clouds.
I'm bathing in the ether,
borne and warm.
The air filled with aspiration.

A young man is throwing
nappy bags into the container.
Three are smoking at the secure
in gestures of contempt.

I see the trunk of the pine
bright red brown under blue green.

From below the need.
Grandola vila morena.

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